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5 Home Improvements on Your Dog’s Wishlist

Monday, August 10, 2020   /   by Jeff Stoffel

5 Home Improvements on Your Dog’s Wishlist

In honor of National Dog Day, we’ve asked the cutest (or at least the furriest) members of your family what they really want in their home. Your dog may really dig these paws-itively great updates.

Invest in a fetch robot: Is fetch getting a little too repetitive for you? It never gets old to a dog! Save up for a robot that can keep up with your pup’s non-stop energy and love for the game.

Deck out the outdoor dog house: A stylish dog house would not only look great in your yard, but it can also provide much-needed shade for a tuckered out pup.

Upgrade your reward system: Did someone say “treat”? With an automatic treat dispenser, you won’t even have to say the word. Instead, dogs will get a rewarding snack whenever they want one!

Install a crate surround sound system: Dogs shouldn’t miss out on movie night just because they’re in their crates. Set them up with perfectly crafted doggie speakers, so they can really experience the show.

Add a video conferencing unit: You know how excited your dog gets when you get home from a long day at work? It may be because they miss you. Let them call and chat you all day long. Who knows, Fido may share some good advice at your next team meeting. He’s always working like a dog.

Unlimited closet access: Your closet is a wonderland for dogs filled with tasty shoes and handbags. What your dog really wants is permission to chew! Open up your doors and let your dog have free reign, because your dog’s “I’m sorry” eyes are cuter than any new trend.

So throw your dog a bone and indulge in one, or all, of these home improvements. Your pet may just sit, speak, and jump for joy!

For entertainment purposes only. It’s ruff, but some of these things may not exist.