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7 Eco-Friendly Updates for Your Home

Wednesday, January 12, 2022   /   by Jeff Stoffel

7 Eco-Friendly Updates for Your Home

Sorry Kermit, it CAN be easy being green. There are dozens of ways that you can live a greener lifestyle at home. These changes may decrease your carbon footprint and they may even decrease your energy bill!

Here are seven eco-friendly updates for your home.

Adjust your temperature accordingly: Turn down your heat and air conditioning when you aren’t home. Close your blinds or curtains to keep cool air from coming in during the winter and hot air and sunlight from coming in during the summer. You may also choose to purchase a programmable thermostat and eco-friendly curtains. Although these updates will cost money, they are likely to decrease your energy use and, as a result, your energy bill!

Unplug electronics: Take some cues from the scandalous Olivia Pope and, “Shut it down.” Plug electronics that don’t have to be turned on during the day into a power extension and turn them all off quickly and easily when you leave the house. Turn off all electronics when you’re not using them to save energy and money.

Save water: There are a lot of simple ways to save water. For example: install shut-off valves and water-savers, run your laundry machine on cold, only use your dishwasher when it’s full, take shorter showers, and collect rainwater for watering your plants. These tips may lower your water bill.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products: Purchase eco-friendly cleaning products or make your own natural cleaning products. Keep your home clean with chemical-free products.

Start composting: Composting is good for the environment and your garden. Skip fertilizers and use your natural compost instead. Turn banana peels into a backyard full of beautiful flowers!

Have a “lightbulb” moment: Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs. Light bulbs with an Energy Star certification may cost more money initially but it is likely that they will save you money on your energy bill. Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave a room!

After you make these simple switches call and schedule an energy audit. Someone can evaluate your home to let you know about any additional changes you can make to be energy-efficient. Start saving the environment and possibly some money!