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Star Wars: Which Planet Should You Live On?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016   /   by Jeff Stoffel

Star Wars: Which Planet Should You Live On?

Have you ever imagined yourself wading through the swamps of Dagobah or traversing the lush forests of Endor? The galaxy far, far away has a wide array of settings which has thrilled fans for decades. To celebrate the release of the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga, we’ve devised a quiz that will tell you what Star Wars planet you would fare best on.

Which U.S. state has your favorite natural landscape?
1. Nevada
2. Massachusetts
3. Louisiana
4. Washington

Which activity would you choose?
1. Moisture farming
2. Defending a Rebel Base
3. Jedi training
4. Overthrowing the Empire

Who is your ideal neighbor?
1. The Skywalkers
2. The Rebellion
3. Yoda
4. Ewoks

Which is your ideal vehicle?
1. Landspeeder
2. Tauntaun
3. X-Wing
4. Speeder Bike

Now it’s time for your results…

If you chose more 1s than any other number, you belong on Tatooine! 
You love the sun and desert sand. A simple life of moisture farming and droid repair would suit you. You also value friendly neighbors, which you’ll have in the Skywalker family. (Just don’t get too attached to them.) If you were hoping for a different planet, be on the lookout for a mysterious old hermit, he might get you off that rock.

If you chose more 2s than any other number, you belong on Hoth!
You love the winter months and can’t wait to get outside to build snow-Wookies. You also have a sense of duty to defend your homestead from whoever intrudes and aid your neighbors when they need you most. However, don’t wander into any icy caves unsupervised, the local fauna is fierce.

If you chose more 3s than any other number, you belong on Dagobah!
You love swampy mysticism, and you value your privacy. You prefer your neighbors to be quirky little green guys who have a lot of weird advice. The climate is a little muggy and there isn’t much to do besides fix your waterlogged vehicle, but this planet will make you a stronger person.

If you chose more 4s than any other number, you belong on Endor!
You prefer a home surrounded by trees and greenery. Your neighbors are adorable, tiny, and fuzzy, but don’t underestimate them. The planet is pretty peaceful, other than the occasional interplanetary war that decides the fate of the galaxy.

For entertainment purposes only.