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The millennial monsoon: How preferences are shaping demand

Monday, February 8, 2021   /   by Jeff Stoffel

The millennial monsoon: How preferences are shaping demand

Millennials are the largest generation in U.S. history, and their collective lifetime spending power is estimated at a whopping $10 trillion. Analysts predict the mega-generation will influence industries including real estate for years to come.

A few ways millennials are impacting real estate these days:

    • They prefer to own, not rent. Contrary to popular belief, 53 percent already own homes — and 88 percent of those who don’t wish they did.

    • They switch homes frequently. Millennials keep their homes an average six years before selling, compared to 10 years for other homebuyers.

    • They optimize technology for house hunting.  In 2017 58 percent of millennial buyers found their new homes via mobile device.

    • Half prefer new homes. Analysts say many lack the time and/or money to conduct their own renovations and repairs, often due to crippling student debt.

    • They appreciate specific home features. Preferences include big kitchens, open floor plans, already-updated kitchens and baths, home offices, energy-efficient appliances and new technology such as smart home products.

    • They like the suburbs. Fifty-seven percent of homebuyers under 36 chose suburban life in 2017, while 15 percent chose small towns and 15 percent cities.

    • Single women are buying. Thirteen percent of millennial homebuyers in 2017 were single women; only 2 percent were single men.